our Story

Meet the Family

As generational Caymanians with a deep-rooted connection and appreciation for the island’s history and culture, the Hislops created Botanica as a place for discerning visitors to embrace and experience the idyllic Cayman lifestyle.

Inspired by their own reflections from traveling as a family of five, the Hislops discovered an ignored, undeveloped location close to the highly-coveted beachfront. With Stephen’s accomplished background in property development and Josephine’s detail-oriented, distinguished approach to design, the couple embarked on a path to turn their investment into an industry-changing opportunity in the hospitality space. Challenged by the impacts of COVID on the tourism industry, Botanica is now embracing a new chapter, connecting with an audience that is in search of  restoring and beautifully designed spaces paired with a culturally aware Cayman experience.

Our Story

Our Philosophy

Botanica expresses a relatively new approach to travel; that there is a sense of luxury connected with simplicity.  By slowing down and living in the moment we are suddenly aware of what is important.  This is part of a larger global movement called ‘slow living’.  It is a less is more attitude to life and is rooted in holistic ideals like sustainability and balance.

When interpreting what slow living meant to us, we began the narrative with branding. We drew inspiration from lesser-known Caribbean and endemic flora and used simple line drawings with sage green and neutral hued water colors in our branding illustrations. Once our visual identity was established, materials and decor were selected to honour our heritage and make our spaces feel light and airy.

Finally, special touch points and thoughtfully curated amenities were selected to complement the experience.  From custom debossed guest compendiums, buttery soft linen bed covers, sustainable bamboo sheets, herbal infused wellness coffee to hair and body care from one of the leading brands in botanical science; these details culminate to create your escape and encourage you to embrace the moment.

Meet the Team

Our team at Botanica work tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of your stay is memorable. Together, they form a dynamic team that is committed to providing our guests with a comfortable, peaceful, and rejuvenating experience. Whether you need help with a request or just want recommendations, our team is always there to assist you and make your stay at Botanica unforgettable.


Kim is the friendly face that greets all of our guests as they arrive at the property. She is our dedicated Reservations and Operations Manager with 15 years in the luxury hospitality space. responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly and efficiently, and that our guests have a pleasant and comfortable stay. Whether you need help with a request or have a question about the property, Kim is always there to assist you.


With Linn's detail-oriented approach to everything, she ensures that the property is always in top shape when guests arrive. Linn's hard work and commitment to excellence are crucial in maintaining the high standards of our property. In partnership with Kim, they make a dynamic duo, steering Botanica into calm waters on a daily basis. Linn takes care of the little things so that our guests can enjoy their stay to the fullest.


With an eye for aesthetics and a passion for photography, storytelling, graphic design, and art direction, Bell ensures that we effectively share our beautiful approach to gentle island living. As our creative guru, Bell brings our vision to life, creating captivating and visually stunning content that showcases the unique character of our property and the peaceful island lifestyle it represents.


As our Mr. Fix It, Cris is our go-to person for all things maintenance. He is constantly working to keep the cottages and grounds in pristine condition. Our gardens are a cherished part of Botanica, and having someone like Cris who understands their importance has ensured that each guest passing through feels connected to nature.

Deluxe Cottage


Our newest Cottage is ready for booking. This is our largest cottage, able to accommodate 6 people (4 Adults Max), along with a private pool and garden.